I get all excited when I see that something is filming in my neighborhood. Yes, I live in Manhattan, where not a day goes by without a film shoot, but there's still a joy in seeing the place where you ride your bike on the big screen. So the new thriller Columbus Circle, with its story about an upscale Manhattan apartment building and title referring to the location of my Whole Foods, sounds like exactly the kind of set I will complain about for months when it blocks traffic, and then be happy to see on the screen.

Except that it's filming in Los Angeles. And that's no fun at all. So now it's up to the cast-- Selma Blair, Amy Smart, Jason Lee, Giovanni Ribisi and Kevin Pollak-- to make the whole thing worth watching. THR writes that Blair will play a reclusive heiress wrapped up in a homicide investigation, led by Ribisi's character. Smart and Lee play a couple that moves in next door, the apartment where the murder was committed.

George Gallo, who wrote Bad Boys, is directing the script he co-wrote with Pollak. It's weird how many people in this cast are former rising stars from the 90s-- almost as weird as filming a movie called Columbus Circle in Los Angeles. But I guess that's Hollywood for you, recycling actors and New York backlots with equal aplomb.

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