After releasing four movies in a four-year span, the Coen Brothers are taking a well-earned break this year, taking their time to figure out how to follow up last year's gigantic hit True Grit. We heard back in June that they were considering basing their next project on the life of folk singer and activist Dave Van Ronk, a major player in the Greenwich Village folk scene that also led to the rise of Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and more. He wrote a memoir about his life called The Mayor of MacDougal Street that we heard the Coens were planning to loosely adapt for the film, and now we know exactly how loosely they'll do it. Variety reports that while the Coens are indeed planning their next film about a folk singer, it will be so different from Van Ronk's life that the main character is named Llewyn Davis, with the film called simply Inside Llewyn Davis.

StudioCanal will be financing the film and handling international sales, and the Coen Brothers will be retiming with Scott Rudin, who also produced True Grit and No Country for Old Men. I know I'm going to have a hell of a time remembering how to spell this movie's title over the next year or so, especially since the main character in No Country was named Llewellyn. Other than that, though, this is nothing but good news. The Coens have bounced back and forth between the barren West and the suburbs in their last four films, but Inside Llewyn Davis will bring them not just back into the city, but in New York City, where both of them live but where they haven't set a film since The Hudsucker Proxy (which was shot on soundstages in North Carolina).

New York stood in for Washington D.C. for some shots in Burn After Reading, but if the Coens want to stick around home for this one, they'll be doing extensive New York location shots for the first time-- probably not ideal for the guys who like their privacy, but a boon for those of us who live here and want to peek in on production of a movie we're probably all dying to see. If the Coens operate at their usual swift pace, we can probably expect to see Inside Llewyn Davis next fall.

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