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I think a lot of us hoped that if we just ignored it, this proposed remake of The Crow would simply go away. It’s not working. Director Stephen Norrington’s reboot is still moving forward and producer Edward Pressman tells MTV that the script is finished. He also thinks it’s terrific, but since he had a hand in producing the original film, he probably has points.

More interesting is his description of the tact Norrington’s version will take. They’re taking it out of the city and setting at least part of it in the southwest, around the Mexico/Arizona border. I hope that doesn’t mean they’re planning to use The Crow to make some dumbass point about immigration. If they do, at least it won’t occupy the entire movie. At least part of it will still be set in the city, a gritty urban setting like Detroit or Pittsburgh. Pressman explains, “Its initial platform is in the southwest and then it moves to the big city in the north, middle or eastern America, and then back.”

The original Brandon Lee film is set entirely in the city and the dark, and dingy streets play a pivotal role in his resurrected rock musician character. Since then though, we’ve seen The Dark Knight and gritty, urban vigilantes really don’t get any better than that. I’m all for trying something different. We can only watch superheroes fight crime in New York for so long. Still, I hope this doesn't mean The Crow's rock musician lead character will be replaced by an undead mariachi.

Most of Pressman’s discussion of the film seems to be focused on highlighting out totally different it is from the original. Makes you wonder why they’re remaking it at all, maybe someone should just come up with a new idea. Nah, that would never work.

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