I'm worried that because of the Twilight craze seeping into our pores and controlling our minds, we'll start assuming that any movie about a teenage girl and her hormones is automatically going to be a waste of time. But we live in a world in which Mean Girls and Clueless have existed, and I am confident that one day we'll get a movie about a teenage heroine who isn't as hideously boring as Bella Swan.

And if the girl happens to turn into a guy for a few days every month, maybe that will help things. That's the bizarre but intriguing premise behind the young adult book series Cycler, written by Lauren McLaughlin and recently picked up by Angryfilms. According to THR the main character, Jill, transforms into Jack for four days each month, and while she's successfully been able to hide in her room during the Jack period, he's getting restless in there.

The second book of the series was nominated for the American Library Association's Rainbow List, which honors books targeted at children and teens that address queer themes. An Amazon review notes that "Themes of bisexuality, porn addiction, and gender identity make this best suited for mature readers," so it might be the kind of book that gets banned from libraries, but is perfect for the movies. For all the Twilight readers who wondered where all the sex is, this might be the series for you.

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