Why? That's all I can say. Hellraiser was a sorta cool film that has been dug out of its grave about ten too many times. Now its original creator Clive Barker is helping with the desecration.

Now don't get me wrong, Clive Barker is a great writer of both adult and juvenile fiction. His work as an author has a strange seductive pull that isn't like anything else on the market. However, his work on film can best be described as spotty. Hellraiser was just about the high point, and trust me folks even the first one isn't nearly as good as you remember.

The series has been one long slog from mediocrity to out and out badness, making the Halloween franchise look like a model of dignity and long sightedness by comparison. The franchise has reached such a nadir of creativity that a recent installment was actually called Hellraiser: Deader.

Well according to Barker on his official site, he has been hired by the Weinstein brothers to write and produce (though not direct) a new installment/remake/re-imaging in/of the Hellraiser franchise. This is tremendously bad idea and will no doubt result in a very bad movie.

Please Barker stick to writing books, drawing and painting at a surprisingly respectable level, and making creepy toys. You know the stuff you're good at. Leave the crappy horror films to the true hacks.

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