The other day I finally got around to looking at the trailer for Dream House, which had become infamous online not for its stars-- the newly married Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz-- but for what seemed to be a revelation of every single plot twist in the movie. Josh even talked to a source who confirmed that, yep, that's pretty much the entire movie up there. I have no idea why people who cut trailers never seem to learn that this is only a way to make people feel like they don't need to see your movie at all, but whoever's responsible for the trailer for the new thriller The Double definitely hasn't learned this lesson.

The movie stars Richard Gere, Martin Sheen, Topher Grace and Stephen Moyer, and while I'd tell you more, I'm pretty sure the trailer-- which debuted today at Apple will tell you everything you need to know and then some. If you want to go into this movie unspoiled just give up now, but otherwise we'll talk after the video.

So…. Richard Gere, eh? To be fair the poster for The Double at the Apple page hints at this plot twist, so maybe Gere is revealed as the baddie within 10 minutes and there's lots more action from there we haven't seen yet. After all, Martin Sheen barely figures into this trailer, but you have to assume he'll play a decent size role. But any time you witness the death of an actor whose name is on the poster-- in this case, Stephen Moyer-- you always have to be wary that the trailer is telling you way, way more than you should ever want to know. In case you don't now feel as though you've seen the entirety of The Double, the movie opens September 23.

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