Like Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Clueless has stood the test of time. Sure, the clothes, the lingo and the cell phones are dated, as is the music, but I see both Fast Times and Clueless as director Amy Heckerling’s successful attempts to capture a slice of the eras in a bottle and toss them out into film history for future generations to view and connect with. She did it again on a smaller scale, with Loser, a film I think was somewhat underrated, and it’s possible she’ll manage to do something similar with Vamps.

If someone wanted to preserve a slice of today’s pop-culture craze, a vampire film would be suitable, and that appears to be what Heckerling’s doing as she teams up with Alicia Silverstone once again for Vamps. The film, which Heckerling wrote and is directing, stars Silverstone and Krysten Ritter as two city vampires who are attempting to avoid feeding off humans while enjoying their social lives and all of the things New York City has to offer. Romance is also on the horizon for both of them, which may complicate things in their immortal lives. The cast also includes Sigourney Weaver, Wallace Shawn (another Clueless alum!), and Richard Lewis.

While the film isn't actually described as a comedy in the description, I’m guessing it’ll lean in that direction, or at the very least, combine drama and comedy the way some of Heckerling’s previous films have.

Hollywood Crush at got the exclusive on the poster for the film, which features red lips and fangs. MTV notes the Rocky Horror-esque look to the poster but, I’m also reminded of the poster for The Crush, which marked Silvestone’s big screen debut.

Kristyn Ritter’s demonstrated her range as an actress in numerous TV roles, including appearing on Breaking Bad, and Veronica Mars, as well as Starz’ shortlived Gravity. She’ll also be starring in the ABC comedy series Apartment 23, which also has her living in New York City, however from what I know of the show, her fangs are more figurative than they are literal, in that role.

Thinking back to Ritter in her role on Veronica Mars, I have an easy time picturing her teamed up with Alicia Silverstone. In fact, I think her VM character would’ve paired extremely well with Silverstone’s Cher from Clueless. I can’t wait to see the trailer for Vamps. The film’s due out at some point in 2012, so we might have a while to wait for that.

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