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With Fox having canceled 24 earlier this year, the only bright spot for fans who want more Jack Bauer action in their lives is that the news of the cancellation came with the announcement that they would be making a feature film. It was back in April that the shows star/executive producer Kiefer Sutherland said that the script, written by Billy Ray, was finished, so why has the project not moved forward in the eight months since? The easy answer is that the script sucked.

Assignment X recently interviewed one of the show's executive producers, Howard Gordon, who revealed that the script turned in by Ray has been rejected. Saying that he isn't "engaged or involved" with the project, Gordon said that the rumor is that director Tony Scott has an idea, but that he's unsure of the exact status. As to why the script was rejected, the producer said that, "it wasn’t the right proposition. It wasn’t strong enough or compelling enough to the studio obviously to move ahead with it."

Sorry, 24 fans - looks like you may have to wait a little longer before this one comes together. In the meantime, feel free to join up with some Arrested Development folks and start a support group called "Fox Canceled Our Show And Might Not Ever Give Us A Movie." There's always comfort in numbers.

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