The countdown at Flynn Lives has ended, and now it's time for the Tron fans in cities all over the world to take a look at the instructions to figure out what to do next. As I write this instructions for Orlando, Paris and Chicago have gone live; Chicago residents are instructed to to go to Union Station at 210 S. Canal St and "find the gamer in the Flynn Lives T-shirt" and give them the password "Easter Egg." Presumably similar instructions for other cities will be hitting soon.

We'll keep you posted in this space with more information from the massive viral game and what comes of it, with hopefully some reports from our own adventures. Instructions for Orlando, Paris and Chicago are posted below, and we'll be updating that as more come up. If you go to any of these events, please please write in and tell us what you see!

The Florida location is an arcade. The Chicago location is a multipurpose venue used for weddings and receptions. The Paris location is also an arcade. Those of us who visited Flynn's Arcade at San Diego Comic Con last year must be wondering if the same thing is happening right now all over the world.

UPDATE: Paris is now bearing a check mark on the list of cities. Does that mean the Europeans have solved the mystery before Americans? I am chalking it up to the fact that it's almost 6 p.m. in Paris, not that Americans are less devoted Tron fans. Yes, I am a patriot.

UPDATE #2: Cities are going live and being solved way too quickly for us to keep up-- check to see if yours is up yet! Images have started to appear in a grid that appear to be solutions to the puzzle, and when you click on them, they flip over to reveal new fuzzy, white images. The image is starting to appear like someone in a lightcycle suit... and I swear we've seen this image before. So maybe the image isn't the reveal after all?

UPDATE #3: The picture on Flynn Lives is nearing completion and the people who have running through this viral maze have started to explain exactly how it works and what they got when they arrived on the scene of each location. The following video shows how the codes were uncovered in Austin, and lets you know exactly what those who showed up got. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like they got much. Watch:

UPDATE #4: The picture on the viral page has been revealed. See it in high-res, along with details on a special event in select cities right here.

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