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It looks like Justin Timberlake may be ready to cry another river. E!Online reports that the pop star’s debut movie Edison Force, which closed the 2005 Toronto Film Festival, will be skipping a theatrical run entirely. In order to see the former N*SYNC ringleader pop his acting cherry, you’ll have to swing by Blockbuster or add it to your Netflix queue. That’s right, the film is headed straight to DVD. Triple ouch.

Edison Force is about an elite unit of cops caught in a whirlwind of corruption by a young journalist (Timberlake) who gets in way over his head. The film, which boasts an A-list cast including Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey, received laughable reviews from the handful of people lucky (?) enough to catch it at the festival. Variety called it a “parade of clichés” and Hollywood Reporter said it had “enough posturing to start up a chiropractic clinic.” The sad thing is that these reviews are glowing compared to the response of his other movie Southland Tales when it premiered at Cannes.

It’s a big blow, but something tells me that Timberlake will survive this roadblock. In addition to Southland Tales, he has a few other movies coming up including Alpha Dog, Black Snake Moon, and Shrek 3, which he’ll be lending his voice to alongside main-squeeze Cameron Diaz. His new single “Sexyback” (which gets my vote for one of the worst song titles ever), is currently climbing the Billboard charts. If acting doesn't work out, he'll always have his tunes and dances moves to fall back on.

You can check out Edison Force, if only to satisfy a morbid curiosity, when it hits shelves on Tuesday, July 18th.