Though it's gotten significantly worse reviews than its predecessor, The Hangover Part II does not seem to be suffering even a little bit at the box office. According to Deadline the sequel made between $9 and $10 million from midnight screenings last night, kicking off a five-day Memorial Day weekend that rival studios are saying could make it as much as $125 million. Warner Bros., in the fine tradition of lowballing themselves, is predicting a measly $100 million. This for a sequel to a movie that opened at $44 million on its way to making nearly a half a billion dollars worldwide.

Based on THR's projections, it will be the first movie of 2011 to open at more than $100 million. Based on this chart at Box Office Mojo, it will be the only live-action comedy to come even close to that kind of opening-- Bruce Almighty is the next closest at $67 million (though that was a regular three-day weekend haul). It's a huge, huge movie that's only going to get bigger as the weekend goes on. Whether you love the movie or hate it, you've got to be at least a little impressed. The Wolfpack managed to do it again.

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