It was a close contest between the old man with the balloons and the three guys suffering an awful morning after, but in the end, The Hangover actually managed to best Up for the number-one spot at the box office this weekend. Variety got their hands on some numbers that put I>The Hangover at $45 million and Up just behind it with about $44.3 million. That's just a slight reversal of previous figures that had The Hangover at $43.3 million.

This is really just good news all around, as The Hangover gets to claim to be even more of a surprise hit, and Up is still a hit Pixar movie with a whole lot of money to show for it. The real loser remains Will Ferrell's Land of the Lost, which did not benefit from any of this number-switching. Seems there's only room for one story about people who wind up in a magical faraway place, and everyone likes the one with the talking dog better.

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