Months after its release and immense box office success, The Hangover is still all over the place in movie news, which can only mean one thing-- it wants an award. No, seriously. While the expanded Best Picture category still probably doesn't make room for The Hangover, the movie does stand a chance at the Golden Globes, which likely explains the For Your Consideration ad that ran in Variety recently (as spotted by First Showing). While they treat it as a joke, it's more than possible-- the Comedy or Musical category is typically much lighter on eventual Best Picture contenders, and aside from Julie & Julia, A Serious Man and Nine, it's hard to think of other likely Best Picture nominees to fill the space. Why not include the year's highest-grossing comedy and give Zach Galifianakis a chance to dress up in a tux? Check out the ad below:

In other Hangover news, TMZ has gotten their hands on some photos that didn't make it into the end credits montage explaining what the hell happened the night before. I personally would have watched that montage go on for half an hour, so the extra images are more than welcome, particularly the shot of Justin Bartha, a.k.a. missing groom Doug, arm wrestling with Carrot Top. It's pretty much wish fulfillment for everyone who has ever gone to Vegas and simply come home broke and exhausted. Click on any of the four images below to be linked to the entire gallery. The Hangover comes out on DVD on December 15, just in time for the Golden Globes voters to be reminded how much they like it and give the movie a well-deserved awards nod. Now lets get going on this Galifianakis for Best Supporting Actor campaign.

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