There's already a Hangover 2 in the works and set to start filming this fall, but the movie's writers Jon Lucas and Scott Moore aren't letting go of their "morning after" premise until they've milked as much money out of it as they can. The LA Times reports that the screenwriter duo's next project will be set not at a bachelor party but a holiday party, specifically one that goes horribly awry. They're developing the script with directors Will Speck and Josh Gordon, who brought you this weekend's The Switch as well as Blades of Glory.

And that's not all! Variety reports the two have sold their pitch 21 and Over to Relativity Media, about two college pals who get their friend drunk the night before his med-school exams and then must help him get through the test the next day. I admit, all of these concepts sound pretty promising, but they also sound so much inspired by The Hangover that if they were coming from other writers, they'd be sued. Are Lucas and Moore just aware that they've got a good thing going, or are they digging themselves into a rut? They're not on board as writer for Hangover 2 and it'll be a while before any of their other projects hit screens, so we'll have to wait a while before we can answer that one.

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