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There's been a flurry of random news about The Hobbit lately, from rumors that the film might be greenlight soon to the truly bizarre story of the Weta workshop burning down. Amid all of this we overlooked some pretty significant but predictable news: The Hobbit will be in 3D.

The news popped up over at The New York Times, where they have it from an anonymous source both that the movie will be in 3D and that it truly is nearing a greenlight. We've heard plenty of rumors in the past that the movie would be in 3D-- hilariously, we wrote a story in late 2007 proclaiming "Peter Jackson Directing The Hobbit In 3D!"-- but right before Guillermo del Toro bailed on the project last May, word was that there was no immediate plan to put things in 3D. Obviously a lot has changed since then, and as Jackson tries to wring as much money out of the project so MGM will actually make it, it makes sense that he would aim for 3D while he's at it.

At this point I'm not even sure I want a Hobbit movie anymore, so the news about 3D doesn't make a difference one way or another-- just make the damn movie and get it over with. But I suspect you guys may have stronger feelings. Will the third dimension ruin Jackson's Middle Earth, or is it an inevitable step forward for such technically advanced films? Sound off in the comments.

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