It feels like we've suffered an endless series of rumors, half-truths and denials about when, if ever, The Hobbit will actually start filming. Giving that the financing studio MGM was in pretty dire straits, it started to seem as if the movie might get put on hold like the next James Bond, dragged out when the studio got its act together.

But hope springs eternal for the Hobbit faithful, and Market Saw has some great news for them-- their source is claiming that the movie has been officially greenlit, with production set to start in November. You may remember that one of Peter Jackson's frequent dodges of the "will it ever get made?" question is to say the project hasn't been greenlit yet, so there's no point in speculating. You can imagine he'd want to keep the green light under a bushel for a little while longer to allow pre-production to move forward in peace, but if this rumor has the story right, we may start hearing actual news-- not just actor hearsay-- about this project soon.

Market Saw being a blog devoted to 3D, they also have their source saying that "the usual 3D technical suspects have been rounded up," which suggests the two-part film will be in 3D. That part you may as well just plan on-- any tentpole that goes into production without 3D these days had better have a damn good reason for it. As for the actual production, well, we'll have to wait for official word before putting our hobbit feet back on for good.

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