The Oscar nominations have finally been announced, but Hollywood's various guilds still have some of their own awards left to hand out. Deadline Hollywood reports that the American Cinema Editors have announced this year's winners of their Eddie awards, with The Hurt Locker and The Hangover taking top honors.

The Cinema Editors being one of those groups that divides their awards between drama and comedy, they were able to spread the wealth between the tense Iraq war drama and the ridiculous comedy about a naked Chinese man in a car trunk. They also managed to include Up as Best Edited Animated Feature Film.

When it comes to predicting the Oscar winners, the ACE award is one of those guilds taken seriously by Oscar watchers. According to Awards Daily, it's pretty impossible to win the Best Picture Oscar without at least an ACE nomination, although winning isn't much of a guarantee-- so The Hurt Locker slipping past Up in the Air and Avatar here might not mean that much, but there's no way Precious will win anything without the nomination. Of course, these kinds of rules are broken every year, so why don't we drop the prognostication this one time and just congratulate the winners.

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