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Hey remember that Jetsons movie Robert Rodriguez was supposed to do? Now that he’s busy with Machete and Predators and the next unwanted Spy Kids abortion, most assumed that left The Jetsons dead in the water. While it’s not exactly on the fast track, that may not be true.

Pajiba says Warners is bringing in someone to replace Rodriguez. They’re hiring Peter Segal. Segal is probably best known as the director of movies like Tommy Boy and Anger Management, which ought to mean they’re planning to play up the comedy angle of The Jetsons universe.

For now though, word is that Warner Bros. is starting over with the project. They’re scrapping the script Robert Rodriguez had planned to use after failing to get anyone, including the likes of Jim Carrey, interested in starring. Once Segal signs on the dotted line the search for new writers starts and The Jetsons will fly again.

Some might think Segal a step down from Rodriguez, but Segal’s ultimately far more suited to comedy (which The Jetsons should be) and he has more experience handling big budget films with star-loaded casts (which The Jetsons probably will be). Ultimately The Jetsons is better off in the hands of the man who made 50 First Dates than the guy who made Spy Kids. Adam Sandler for George Jetson? I’d rather see him as Rosie the Robot.

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