The Joneses are the new cool kids on the block, and everyone else is just doing their best to keep up. In reality they are a “family” planted in a well-to-do community with one goal: promote as many products as possible to the richest of the rich. They get into the who’s-who crowd, look cool and sell, sell, sell. I like to think I do this every weekend around my neighborhood with Yuengling Lager and John Deere merchandise.

The Joneses is one of those movies, like The Truman Show, that makes me wonder just how far from reality the premise really, actually strays. Why wouldn’t companies get out there and place people among the country’s elite in order to move more product? The trailer shows a family doing just that, and damn if Demi Moore, David Duchovny, et al don’t do it well. Of course they’ll turn into a real family by the end, but who cares; the whole idea has me on the lookout for people selling me stuff in my own everyday life.

By the way, don’t think it’s lost on me that the movie actually looks like one big product placement in itself. I don’t know if that’s egregious commercialization or just an actual commentary on our society. Either way, I know I have to absolutely go out and buy Under Armour, Nikes, an Audi, and a whole new sound system.

Watch The Joneses trailer in HD on Apple or watch it below.

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