With the relieving news last last month that Paramount had found co-financiers willing to help them make World War Z, it looks like the adaptation of Max Brooks's zombie war novel is back on track. In fact, it's so on track that there's finally another actor to join the long-attached Brad Pitt in the cast; according to Deadline, The Killing star Mireille Enos has signed on to play Karin Lane, the wife of Pitt's character Gerard Lane.

Though The Killing only began airing on AMC a few weeks ago it's been an instant hit, and playing the lead role of homicide detective Sarah Linden Enos is suddenly a much bigger star-- like, playing Brad Pitt's wife-level star-- than she was even a month ago. Given how hesitant the studio has been to throw money into the expensive zombie epic it's interesting that they'll cast a relative newcomer in what will probably be a key role, but also kind of fascinating-- director Marc Forster clearly sees something he likes, and the studio clearly expects her to be a star.

Given that World War Z is told as a series of oral narratives, an unnamed interviewer traveling the globe 10 years after the zombie war to capture people's stories, it's unclear to me how Pitt and Enos might fit into the story. In a version of the script reviewed at Ain't It Cool Pitt's character Gerard Lane is the interviewer collecting all the stories, which makes me wonder how a wife character might fit in. World War Z reads essentially like a non-fiction collection of unrelated stories, and the movie script is going to have to dig a narrative up out of that, so I'm not even sure how much having read the book gives me a leg up in figuring out all these roles.

World War Z is set to go into production this summer, with a budget of $125 million. Even people who think they're sick of the zombie craze have a lot to look forward to from this one.

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