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This February was supposed to mark the 3D re-release of Beauty and the Beast, which would have kicked off yet another prong in Disney's "make everything in 3D and reap the profits" strategy. For one reason or another Beauty and the Beast got pushed back another year, to Valentine's Day 2011, but that doesn't mean Disney is backing away from their plan to convert their back catalog to 3D.

Talking to Empire Magazine, Disney producer Don Hahn revealed he's working on a 3D conversion of The Lion King, promising "It’s going to be spectacular – we will do a good job for ya!" He compared the technology they'll be using to what they did on the A Nightmare Before Christmas 3D conversion, which runs successfully during the holidays each year.

Hahn also promised that development on a Who Framed Roger Rabbit sequel-- which last came up last November-- and Tim Burton's villainess story Maleficent are very much in development, but he didn't have much more to say. We'll have to wait until the 3D Beauty and the Beast comes out to see how serious they are about the Lion King conversion-- if it tanks, they probably won't bother-- but I'd count on some old classics making their way into theaters as part of that never-ending 3D craze.

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