Ever since the trailer for The Losers came online last month, people have been trying to figure out exactly how it differs from The A-Team. Both are about special forces betrayed by their own government, both have their tough action stars, and both have their eye candy (Zoe Saldana vs. Jessica Biel, pick a side). With the release schedule the way it was originally, there was no conflict: The Losers had an April 9th release date, giving the movie more than enough time to go through its run before meeting its doppelganger two months later when The A-Team came out June 11. Apparently some people over at Warner Bros. weren't happy with this arrangement, however, and now that two month buffer has shrunk to seven days.

It is now being reported by erc BoxOffice, through their Facebook page, that The Losers has been given a June 4th release, which comes the week before The A-Team's release . While no reason is given by the original posting, it is believed that the move is in response to Clash of the Titans' date change, which recently changed to April 2nd. Also opening to compete with The Losers are the Jonah Hill/Russell Brand flick Get Him to the Greek, the incredibly insipid-looking Kutcher-Heigl movie Killers, and the offensively asinine-appearing Marmaduke.

Let us hope that the this is the reason. The most recent announcements regarding release dates have been because of 3D conversion and at this point, if a movie hasn't been filmed to utilize the technology appropriately, what is the point? If this really is all about giving Titans some room, they have effectively screwed The Losers in the process. Movie based on famous TV show trumps the one based on a small market comic book every day of the week.

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