Tonight I finally get to see The Lovely Bones, a movie I've been looking forward to for ages yet feel very, very concerned about, thanks to a smattering of early reviews that are less than enthusiastic. Still, regardless of whatever flaws come with the movie, it seems like a no-brainer to me that Susan Sarandon's boozy grandma character will be a delight no matter what, so the new clip from the film over at Yahoo! Movies should be a highlight for pretty much anyone.

As the Salmon family copes with the disappearance of their oldest daughter, Grandma shows up to help them out, toting two suitcases full of makeup and her own booze that she apparently keeps with her at all times. While I still have my doubts about Mark Wahlberg's wig and his ability to play the devoted father in general, I'm 100% team Sarandon after watching this clip. Check it out below.

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