Unless you are a fan of both sports and videogames, you may not be familiar with the Madden Curse. Since 2000, every player that has been featured on the cover of a Madden NFL football game has either had an absolutely miserable season or gotten injured during the season following the game's release. Apparently somebody thinks that this superstition is worthy of a feature film.

The Wrap reports that EA Sports, the company behind the game's release, has begun to plan a movie that will incorporate the Madden Curse. Rather than actually being about football, however, the film will be a comedy about a former Madden videogame champion who finds himself at the mercy of the curse when his image is placed on the game's cover. The project would be the second time that the game has transcended the medium, having previously released a reality TV show called Madden Nation in which top players compete for a $100,000 prize.

I can't be the only one to find this completely ludicrous, can I? While the game is immensely popular, how do you get it to stretch beyond its original demographic? More so, name a single videogame that has ever put a player on the cover. This is just a bad, bad idea.

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