Paranormal Activity | Katie Dragged
Oren Peli's nightmare inducing Paranormal Activity has a number of profound moments, but there's one in particular that completely catches you of guard and is downright terrifying. It's night 20, October 7th, 2006. As usual, it's the middle of the night and Katie and Micah are fast asleep. While waiting for a light to flicker or a creepy shadow to lurk past the doorway, the unthinkable happens. Katie is hauled out of bed, crashes to the floor and desperately calls out to Micah as she's viciously dragged down the hallway. He flies out of bed, but just before he can get out of the room, the door is aggressively slammed in his face. Micah bursts out of the bedroom and runs down the hall while Katie continues to cry out the most blood-curdling scream of pure terror. Frustration builds as the two scream together and the camera, still sitting on its tripod in their bedroom, only gives you a glimpse of the action taking place in the shadowy corner of the house. Finally they make it back to the bedroom, but it's only once she's free of the demon's clutches, that the true horror of what has just happened really sets in. The situation has turned violent.

Determined to make sure audiences were surprised by what they saw on screen, almost nothing from Paranormal Activity was ever available online. So while we can't show you the actual scene, we can show you the trailer and, you'll get the vibe. Be afraid:

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