(500) Days Of Summer | You Make My Dreams Come True
Never has the male feeling of romantic conquest been captured better than it is in (500) Days of Summer. Tom has been desperately in love with Summer for months and last night they finally slept together. He shrugs on his worn clothes and walks out of her apartment, a grin on his face. He spots his reflection in a car window and sees not himself, but Han Solo giving him the seal of approval. Everyone he passes on the street seems to be ready to toss out a high five as the world gives him a knowing head nod and Tom breaks into a celebratory dance number surrounded by random passersby who join in because, of course, Tom is suddenly just that cool. The flowers are brighter, there's music in the air, and the birds are of the animated, blue variety with a love for choreographed dancing. It's a perfect moment of imagination, a moment built to explain a heart-bursting, happy feeling which really can't be explained any other way. For that one singular minute Tom's on top of the world and so are we.

You can watch the start of Tom's (500) Days of Summer dance sequence below. It's a carefully edited excerpt of the actual scene, with key moments missing. In particular the brilliant Han Solo reflection is gone, that's a surprise saved for the next time you watch (500) Days of Summer in its entirety.

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