There are few projects being released this fall that are as highly anticipated as The Muppets. The first time the Jim Henson creations have been on the big screen in more than a decade, the movie should be pure joy for kids and adults alike and today, during the D23 “Inside the Walt Disney Studios” presentation, we got our first extended look at the new film.

Introduced by Jason Segel, Kermit and Ms. Piggy (who was incredibly pissed off that she wasn’t featured in any of the forage), the two clips showed off both the introduction of Kermit as well as a scene in which the characters clean up the Muppet Theater. It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights, it’s time to meet the muppets…

The first clip begins with Gary (Jason Segel), Mary (Amy Adams) and the new Muppet, Walter, driving around at night in Los Angeles. They are searching for Kermit the Frog. While they are about to give up, Mary, who is driving, calls out saying that she may have found where Kermit may be. The camera turns to look at a huge gate that has been painted with the face of Kermit and Ms. Piggy. They get out of the car and look through the gate. Gary remarks that there’s no doorbell and that it looks like there’s nobody home. Walter offers a solution: for Gary to throw him over the fence. While they hesitate at first, Gary picks Walter up and begins to fold him up so that he can be thrown easier. Mary, who is a bit more cautious, notes that the fence may be electrified. Gary throws Walter, who gets caught in the cables on top of the fence, gets electrocuted and falls to the ground black and smoking. Though he is obviously in pain, Walter is determined and tells Gary to try again. From behind the group we hear Kermit’s voice asking if he can help them. The three turn around and they see a bright light with a silhouette of Kermit and choir music playing. The camera then focuses on the street where a bus with extremely bright headlights drives by, the side of the bus noting that it’s a church choir. Walter is so excited that he passes out.

After cutting to black, we see through Walter’s eyes as he wakes up on a couch, Gary and Mary standing over him. Walter asks what happened and Mary says that they are in Kermit’s house, which promptly causes Walter to pass out again. They begin to talk with Kermit when an old robot comes out from the back. Kermit sends “80s Robot” back after it offers them cans of Tab and New Coke. As the robot rolls away it bumps into things and says phrases like “Gag me with a spoon.

The second clip begins with a bunch of the Muppets, led by Kermit, opening the door to the Muppet Theater, which has been condemned and is a total mess. As Kermit walks through the mess you can hear clips from the old show, including the announcer of “Pigs in Space.” Fozzie says that there’s no way to rehearse in the huge mess. It’s then suggested that they try to clean it up – and then the scene cuts to Scooter standing alone sweeping while the other Muppets watch. They then realize that they are doing it wrong, so Dr. Teeth takes out a boombox and begins playing “We Built This City on Rock And Roll” by Jefferson Starship.

A montage begins with all of the Muppets, Gary and Mary working to clean up the theater. Sgt. Floyd Pepper pulls back a sheet and remarks to Animal that he’s found his drums, which causes Animal to go nuts. Gonzo opens a broom closet and Beauregard walks out, having apparently been trapped for years, but he seems totally fine. In other part of the theater Kermit is working through his rolodex trying to find people who can come be a part of his celebrity telethon. His first call goes to President Jimmy Carter (it’s a very old rolodex). Fozzie finds a framed picture of himself and remarks to the others about his crazy 80s hair. He takes off his hat, showing that he doesn’t have any hair, and it’s the exact same thing in the picture. Mary fixes some of the lights and sings along with the song. Kermit keeps going through the rolodex, throwing a card reading “Molly Ringwald” down on the desk. The chickens sweep the seats in the audience using their feathers, Rizzo and the other rats skate on mops and Walter straps himself with some sponges and is tied to a pole to reach hard to reach areas. Another card thrown by Kermit says “Cindy Lauper.” Swedish Chef opens up a fridge that reveals a bunch of moldy, rotten food. He then takes a flamethrower and blasts it into the fridge, burning everything inside. Finally, the song ends and everyone stands on the stage, the theater looking brand new.
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