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With the official trailer for The Muppets finally set to be revealed on Monday, June 20, the pranksters at Disney have time for one more parody trailer. We already saw them play off romantic comedies with Green With Envy and aim directly at The Hangover Part II with The Fuzzy Pack. Now it's time for them to gently jab at a superhero who dares challenge Kermit D. Frog for the right to call himself green. Check it out below.

I get a kick out of pretty much everything here, from the spot-on Ryan Reynolds impression to the appearance from Chris Cooper as the film's villain to the "not in Swedish" tag at the end. There's also a Kermit-as-Green-Lantern poster that came with it that you can see in full below. You never know how much you've missed the singular Muppets brand of humor until they're back, and as ever, I have no idea how we'll be able to wait until Thanksgiving to see the movie in full. Look for the new trailer on Monday-- we'll be hotly anticipating it right along with you-- and count down the days until The Muppets comes to theaters on November 23, 2011. For everything else we know about the movie so far, you can also visit our Blend Film Database.