It was no surprise that Marcus Nispel's Friday The 13th was a disaster. After all, it was a) a remake, b) a mainstream horror film and c) produced by Michael Bay. Despite only making $65 million domestically and plummeting more than 80% in its second week, a sequel is already slated for an August release next year. To quote Kevin Smith, "In Hollywood, you just kind of fail upwards." The sequel will be the 13th film featuring the character, but if the most recent reports can be trusted, the hockey-mask wearing serial killer might be getting put down for good.

SPOILERS! Pajiba has reported that sequel writers Damian Shannon and Mark Swift have been tasked with ending Jason Voorhees' reign of terror once and for all by killing him off and ending the franchise for good. No more slaughters at Camp Crystal Lake, no more trips down to hell, no more getting lost in space. Just eternal peace.

It's hard to take this news seriously. There is not one, but two films in the franchise that have the word "final" in the title, the last of which came back in 1993. If the movie is advertised as some sort of seismic event and ends up raking in over $100 million, you can be certain that he will be back somehow. Maybe even with a title like A New Beginning and have a futuristic sort of feel. Nobody would see it coming.

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