There's nothing better than a geek-friendly franchise that doesn't take fifteen years to get made. Christopher Nolan is amazing and all, but don't we all wish that he would learn how to make two movies at once so he can make another Batman sequel already? Same goes for Bryan Singer and the Superman franchise. It's fairly certain that while the first movie was divisive, the second would likely be a true epic. J.J. Abrams doesn't mess around like these guys.

According to Star Trek star, Zoe Saldana, Abrams is on schedule to begin shooting the sequel to this summer's big hit next winter. Speaking to MTV, Zoe had this to say: "I spoke to J.J. and Bryan Burk, his producing partner at Bad Robot, and they are still in the middle of building the script with Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci, and we'll probably be going into pre-production around this time next year." That will likely set the movie up for a 2012 summer release. Three years ain't so bad, right?

Now all we're left to wonder is where Abrams and company will take Star Trek 2. I like to believe that Orci and Kurtzman didn't have as much to do with Transformers 2 as their credit implies, so I'm hoping not to see a sequel with racist robots and potty humor. Abrams is smart enough to not let this happen, but still. You never know.

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