The Orphanage scared the Mexican out of me, and with a last name like Gomez, that’s pretty hard. Not only is it one of the most truly creepy movies to be released in the last five or ten years, but it also has a foundation of heart that horror films these days so sadly lack. So an obvious disappointment comes attached to news that New Line is remaking the movie for American audiences, given America’s tendency to screw up anything they import.

Now that remake has a director, and surprisingly enough, it may be a good call. As it turns out, Guillermo del Toro’s producer credit on the film isn’t just a fancy title; New Line is actually giving the guy some power. And according to THR, del Toro has flexed that power by handpicking director Larry Fessenden to direct the remake. Fessenden isn’t a complete unknown; the dude has worked on low-budget horror flicks before, and del Toro felt this experience made him well suited for the position.

This is a huge relief. After watching the bastardization of [rec] earlier this year in the form of Quarantine, skepticism is impossible to avoid, but del Toro has not only earned my trust but the trust of fanboys everywhere. This guy knows what he’s doing, and already this is looking like it may work out.

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