As many traditions as are associated with the Oscars, the day and date of the ceremony have never been one of them. The awards show has been bounced around the calendar for all kinds of reasons over the years, from the Winter Olympics to TV sweeps to the shooting of Ronald Reagan. After 11 years of broadcasting on Sunday nights the ceremony may now be forced to undergo yet another change, thanks to those dastardly meatheads at the NFL.

Apparently the National Football League is considering adding two games to its regular season starting in 2012, which would push the Super Bowl further into February and inevitably bump up against the Oscars. Next year's Super Bowl, for example, is scheduled for February 6, which is three weeks before the scheduled Oscar telecast of February 27. According to THR, the Academy is not considering pushing the telecast back a few weeks, but simply holding the awards on a Monday again.

Being that I am an Oscar obsessive I've always liked having all of Sunday to prepare for the ceremony and whip up movie-related snacks for the night's viewing party, but let's face facts-- I work from home as a blogger, and can probably do that on Monday anyway. Given that Oscar ratings are tanking year after year they might benefit by having people tune in for whatever's usually on ABC on Monday nights and watching the broadcast instead. I don't like that we live in a world in which people would rather watch Dancing with the Stars than the biggest movie awards, but so long as we're facing facts we may as well take advantage of it.

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