I think I might give up reporting inane news stories for Lent, then of course BNN would shrivel up and die, so best I try and laughingly give up booze instead.

Speaking of Lent, looks like Mel Gibson has decided that DVD should not be the only domain subject to triple-dipping.

On March 11th, around 500-750 screens will play a new extended cut of his jew-baiting The Passion Of The Christ.

Obviously a cunning marketing ploy, you'd think, to draw in the Holy Joe crowd for a good old fashioned easter time torture-watching session. But wait, what of these extended bits? Finally some more in-depth character flashbacks that made up the best 10 minutes of The Passion when I saw it? A chance to deeper explore the man behind the suffering. Nope. In fact quite the opposite. Gibson has gone back and inserted six minutes of extended scenes of torture and violence and nothing more.
In an even more cynical plot, Gibson has decided to leave his movie unrated. This is not because he fears the evil NC-17 rating as you might think. Nope, according to dicussions between Mel and the MPAA, the new cut would still receive and R-rating. Mel's response to this was along the lines of releasing it with the same rating as his previous cut would "defeat his purpose".

What his purpose is exactly is unclear. Maybe he just wants to see if he can drag in some gorehouds looking for some bloody action out-of-season and maybe convert them to his cause.

All seems rather pointless to me.

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