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Well, shit. Sometimes there's movie news you can put a positive spin on, and sometimes there's the kind of titanically bad idea that makes you want to either do heavy drugs or take a long nap. According to Deadline, Alcon Entertainment is fast-tracking a remake of Point Break that will replacing the surfing backdrop of the first film with "the world of international extreme sports." I'll let you guess what kind of news this while I pour myself a heavy drink.

Alcon Entertainment, you may remember, is the company currently in the process of bringing the Blade Runner remake you're skeptical about; they're also responsible for the upcoming Dolphin Tale and are hoping to make a Marvin the Martian movie. None of these seem like the kind of catastrophically bad idea that a Point Break remake would be-- the Blade Runner movie is happening with Ridley Scott at least-- but none of them are that awe-inspiring either. And if you're keeping up on your needless remake news, you'll notice that the Point Break remake is being written by Kurt Wimmer, who also penned Sony's Total Recall remake. Guy has a niche and he's going to take advantange of it, apparently.

Sure, it's possible that whatever they're planning, Kathryn Bigelow will get involved somehow with the remake. But I seriously doubt it-- not only is Point Break a damn near perfect, if totally silly, film on its own, but Bigelow doesn't seem nearly as interesting in mining her own history as Scott is. And yes, maybe they'll pick an interesting director who could do something fresher with the admittedly dated material-- it certainly wouldn't be the first time a remake managed to claim a reason for its own existence. But if you want to join me in hanging your head for a minute at this news, I won't blame you either.
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