The big wigs over at Universal have deemed it necessary to reach back into their American Pie piggy bank and try to pull some more money out of it. This isn’t surprising in the midst of the current R-rated comedy resurgence Hollywood is currently enjoying (unless your'e Ryan Reynolds). The film’s third installment, American Wedding nabbed $231 million on top of their $55 million budget so expect the pie fucker to pull in at least that much one more time. Fortunately for the four lead guys in the films they’ll actually be getting some work that isn’t straight-to-DVD crap and Street Fighter films.

The first teaser poster has hit over at Digital Spy and not surprisingly they once again play off the most memorable scene in the franchise, and possibly 90’s comedy as a whole. Scope it out below.

This is the very first teaser so this poster reveals literally nothing about the film. It simply uses the iconic pie imagery that you’ll be sure to remember as soon as you see it. Undoubtedly the next time you and your friends start talking about the current state of film, one of you will say “hey, did you hear there’s a new American Pie movie coming out?” and the only reason you’ll have even remembered is because of that damn pie.

Back in June we received an image from the set that showed off the four leads back together, and other updates have been slim, but with an April 6th, 2012 release date we should start seeing a steady stream of marketing material heading our way very soon.

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