The Tomorrowland section of Disney World is basically a vision of the future as it was imagined in the '60s, but that isn't stopping Disney from trying to make it modern. They and their go-to guy for anything with "kid-friendly" in the title-- Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson-- will be working on a feature version of Tomorrowland, perhaps clearing up once and for all the paradox that is Space Mountain.

Variety says Disney is denying that the movie is based on the part of the theme park, claiming it's an original script, but come on; the project is described as "an epic-sized action adventure set in space." Either it's a Star Wars remake, or a Tomorrowland movie.

I'd love it if they made the movie look like the park, at least the way it did when I was a kid-- a weird, tattered, 60s vision of the future, with pods to take people all over the place and lots, lots of shiny silver. I have a feeling the movie will be more CGI-heavy and involve space guns, But if there's a shout-out to the Peoplemover, I'll be satisfied.

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