It's still somewhat hard to believe that a film based on Hunter S. Thompson's The Rum Diary is finally coming out. I can remember years ago when Benicio Del Toro was attached to direct and the film had Nick Nolte and Josh Hartnett co-staring with Johnny Depp. The project did eventually find its way into production under writer/director Bruce Robinson and a long time sitting on the shelf, the movie is set to be released on October 28th. The film's first trailer popped up last month and today we have the first poster. Check it out below or see it full size over on Yahoo!

It's a very simple poster (some might even say minimalist), but it illustrates the movie, has a great tagline and isn't filled with typical floating heads or bad Photoshop. I think that we can call this a winner.

Playing a Thompson character for the first time since Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Johnny Depp stars as Paul Kemp, a journalist who moves to San Juan, Puerto Rico in the mid-1950s. Living a life filled with hard drinking and partying, he finds himself infatuated with a beautiful blonde woman named Chenault (Amber Heard). The problem? She's married to a high-powered business man named Sanderson (Aaron Eckhart) who is involved with some shady development deals.

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