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Plans for the adaptation of Bryan K. Vaughn's comic series The Runaways are moving forward nicely. Back in April Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist director Peter Sollett was chosen to direct the film about teenage superheroes, and now Deadline is reporting that Drew Pearce has been chosen to adapt the comics.

Vaughn is a writer himself, but apparently they needed someone a little more removed from the source material to handle it. Pearce's primary writing credit is creating the British TV series No Heroics, a comedy about a bar where superheroes hang out when they're off-duty. The promo clip from the show that Deadline included in their write-up-- you can also watch it below-- is truly funny and in tune with superhero traditions, both of which bode well for Pearce's work on The Runaways. The original comic series was about a group of teenagers who realize their parents are supervillains, and use the evil powers endowed to them by genetics to be forces of good. We need another comics adaptation like Captain America needs a hole in the head, but at least this one sounds original. Teenage superheroes worked out well for Kick-Ass, so we'll see if Pearce can put a spin on it that's worth watching.

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