There's a very simple reason why the best films of the year are released in November and December - the attention span of Oscar voters. By releasing an amazing film in September or October, you run the risk of voters completely forgetting about it when all four weeks of the twelfth month supply hit after hit after hit. Such is the case with David Fincher's The Social Network. Easily one of the best films of the year, the movie has done incredibly well in critics circles, but was released all the way back on October 1st. So what's the easiest move? A re-release just in time for the arrival of the DVD.

According to Deadline, starting this Friday Sony will bring The Social Network back to theaters nationwide, playing in 600 locations. The re-release comes a mere four days before the film becomes available on both DVD and Blu-ray, the releases containing 8 hours of extras. Possibly more importantly, however, bringing the movie back will give it the chance to eclipse the $200 million mark. As it stands, the film grossed $93 million domestically and $104 million overseas.

My love of The Social Network isn't exactly a well kept secret, and anything done to keep the film fresh in people's minds is vital at this time of year. Considering the awards that it's already received and the glowing reviews that came out when the movie was first released, it was never really going to fade completely, but this may be exactly what it needs to prevent it from peaking too soon.

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