The next time you pass a Klingon on the street, stop him and ask him what he thinks of Star Trek. Odds are, he’ll tell you he’s concerned. As I type this, JJ Abrams is locked away working on a complete reboot of the original science fiction franchise, and no one seems entirely sure what to think of it.

Part of the problem is that Paramount hasn’t really seemed to know how to market it. Normally with a high-profile movie like this you start building buzz early, whether it be through viral campaigns or production blogs. The idea is to get the decades and decades worth of fans that the franchise in question has on board with you. Paramount’s answer to that has been to hand out posters… bad posters. That’s their entire plan to reach out to fans. Handing out rather boring, two-tone posters. If you haven’t seen them, well that's one there to your right and you can click over to our Star Trek Image Gallery for more of them.

I can’t see anybody hanging any of those on their wall even a year from now. They’ve released a total of 11 posters for the film, 3 teaser posters and 8 character posters, and not one of them is really any good.

Tonight, I stumbled on a perfect example of what they should really be doing for this film. The poster below is gorgeous, eye-popping fan art created by a user on Deviantart. Below it, I’ve posted some examples of great teaser posters from Star Trek movies of the past. Compare, and tell me which poster you think fits better with Star Trek. The gorgeous, painted looking image below, or this. monstrosity. This is the kind of poster Paramount should be doing, heck it’s the kind of marketing they should be doing. Take a look Paramount, and when you’re considering your next PR move, consider doing more of this, and a lot less of this. Ask any Klingon. You know which poster they’d prefer.

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