We've already berated Universal good and hard for their decision to hire Ron Moore to write the script for their prequel for The Thing, but not to direct it, because when you have the guy behind Battlestar Galactica on your movie, shouldn't you give him absolute power? But clearly no one listened to us, and director Matthjis Van Heijningen is still on board to make his directorial debut.

And according to Production Weekly, that's happening soon-- production begins in March and will move to Toronto in June. We still don't know exactly what Moore's take on the story, which originated as a novel and is most famous as the 1982 John Carpenter movie, but the simple tale of some Antarctica researchers terrorized by an alien being definitely has room for reinvention. Is Van Heijningen the guy to do it? Is the production cursed by the very fact of not hiring Moore to direct? We're getting all the closer to finding out.

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