When the trailer for Tower Heist appeared in July, it gave everyone here at Cinema Blend a small bit of hope that the movie, which very obviously pulls from about a dozen other heist movies, may actually be something worth watching. Most shocking of all is that we may willingly sit down and see a movie that Brett Ratner directed. Insane!

The film is slowly nearing its long awaited November 4th release and ComingSoon has nabbed up some new promo posters from across the pond. These new images gather the team of B and C-list actors who will soon be attempting to rob the hell out of their old boss, played by Alan Alda, who defrauded all of them in a Ponzi scheme. Check out the posters below.

The posters really aren’t anything special. Somehow, this crew of bumbling robbers have found their way onto the roof of the most crooked building in the state of New York and instead of looking scared that they might fall off this leaning structure, most of them look incredibly bored. The only actors making an effort to mug for the camera are Gabourey Sidibe and potential Academy Award host Eddie Murphy. Everyone else looks like they could be standing in line at a very not-exciting Starbucks. They’re not really selling anyone on this movie, but it’s possible they’ll land some viewers with the little puppy in the corner.

The team Ratner’s put together may just work though. As much as I hate Ben Stiller 90% of the time, this may be one of those movies where he’s actually tolerable, and may even be a nice complement to Eddie Murphy’s over the top, stereotype-driven thief. Tower Heist doesn’t look amazing, but it looks good enough, and from Brett Ratner that’s about all we’ve come to expect.

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