In a shocking development (not shocking at all), the Vatican, headed by its fearless leader Emperor Palpatine, has started whining that it thinks James Cameron's Avatar, "gets bogged down by a spiritualism linked to the worship of nature." They go on to say that “THE MOVIE IS A BIG FAT DOODOO HEAD AND YOU SHOULDN'T GO SEE IT!” Maybe that's not exactly what they said, but that's the way their message came across. Their main concern is that Avatar supposedly is deifying nature and moving spirituality from God, according to THR.

What I want to know is where all the coalitions against all the pro-Catholicism or Christian movies are. Kirk Cameron continually is cranking out movies placing God above everything else in this world, so where are the pro-Satan groups complaining about these movies drawing attention away from their chosen God? And where are the people who already find spirituality in nature to fight back against the Vatican and their useless weeping?

The Vatican is just looking too deeply for something to complain about, the same way anti-smoking activists are looking too deeply for something to complain about, and the same way anti-racism coalitions are looking too deeply for something to complain about. It's just a way for them to call attention to themselves the way babies do when they're crying for their mother, and it's just as annoying. Who cares what the Vatican has to say about ANY movie?! I'd be surprised if any normal person even noticed these issues until they were so blatantly pointed out by, for lack of a better word, protesters. Just shut up and watch the flashy movie for the effects and get over yourselves.

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