Jessica Alba will probably be asked until the end of the time about the status of Sin City 2, given that the movie is no closer to being made than it was when Sin City came out in 2005. But now at least we know who won't get to decide this movie's fate-- the Weinstein Brothers, who lost the rights to the film after refusing to do anything with it for years.

I don't actually know if that's why they lost the rights, and IESB desn't really have any more details. Apparently Robert Rodriguez's Trouble Maker studio is still planning to produce, and a private equity firm may be brought on board to finance.

Am I the only person who thinks this makes the project dead in the water? The longer they go without making this movie, the more people forget the first one ever existed. Instead, we all have The Spirit stuck in our memories (at least, the 15 of us who saw it), and while Rodriguez is most certainly a better filmmaker than Miller, the association still hurts.

I'll happily eat my words when they finally wrangle this huge cast and secure the budget for all that CG painting, but right now I'd bet a cookie that this puts the final nail in Sin City 2's coffin.

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