With fans and news outlets alike circling possible casting for Iron Man 2 like tiger sharks, its no wonder rumors are popping up left and right. The latest, that Mikey Rourke will join the supporting cast as The Crimson Dynamo, has been nullified by Robert Downey Jr. himself. However, the star does not completely deny that Rourke is involved in the movie in some capacity.

MTV caught up with Downey Jr. on the set of his upcoming film, Sherlock Holmes and questioned him about the most important issue facing our country today: who is being cast in the upcoming Iron Man flick? When asked about Rourke, Downey Jr. responded If he signed on to do it, I’m super excited. If he’s in Iron Man 2 we have a fantastic shot at doing something interesting.” However, the interviewer assumes that Rourke will be playing Crimson Dynamo and Downey Jr. interrupts him, saying “That’s actually incorrect.” When then asked if Rourke would be playing Wiplash, Downey Jr. responds “I can neither confirm nor deny that. Or maybe it’s some semblance of both.” Sounds interesting. With Downey Jr. And Rourke both experiencing the biggest comebacks of ’08, it would be thrilling to see them face off as super-hero and villain!

Downey Jr. seems to be taking the whole Iron Man thing with a grain of salt. He jokes that, “The nerd stuff is top-drawer security.” I would say its pretty bold to poke fun at the exact demographic that gave his career a second wind. But that’s why we love him, he’s bold and wildly inappropriate at times. Check out the whole interview here. It is short, but Downey gets really excited about how “far out” Ironman 2 will be!

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