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Since Marvel began its movie campaign and started putting all of its characters in the same universe, fans have wondered if DC Comics had plans to do the same. After all, it makes perfect sense. While Marvel sold off right to huge characters like Spider-Man, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, DC has kept all of its characters in-house. Speaking at the New York Comic Con, DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns revealed that there are plans to better utilize the properties by making two films per year once Harry Potter ends next summer. Apparently, that doesn't mean there will be a Justice League movie.

While at the con, Johns was asked if fans can expect a team-up movie to rival Marvel's Avengers. While he tried to dodge the question a little, according to our own Katey Rich, Johns believes that DC's characters "are bigger than Marvel's. In fact, he had a lot to say about what makes DC characters superior:

I like the Marvel characters a lot, but our characters, these characters are bigger than just a character on the street. It's very, very important that we introduce these characters and work on these characters and work on them like that. Rather than trying to smash everyone together, these characters do deserve to be spotlighted, and treated equally like A-list characters, like Superman and Batman"

Sadly, we won't be able to gauge this news until 2012 rolls around and we can determine whether Marvel's great experiment is a success or failure. This could very well be a studio dodging a bullet or missing out on an incredible opportunity. Until then, however, don't expect to see Zack Snyder's Superman pop up in Christopher Nolan's Batman or to see flashes of green light as Green Lantern flies over Gotham City and Metropolis.

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