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Hey remember that movie Johnny Depp was making out of Hunter S. Thompson’s The Rum Diary? Probably not since it finished more than a year ago and not only is there no release date for it in sight, it’s not even done. This can’t mean good things but now at least there’s a chance, a small one mind you, that someone somewhere may actually be able to see it. How’s your French?

Hollywood Elsewhere has uncovered information from Shoot Online which suggests that the movie may be finished. Either that or they’re starting with the movie’s title sequence and then maybe eventually getting around to editing the movie. Probably not. So the news that the title sequence is done could suggest that somewhere out there is an actual, nearly finished movie, based on one of the greatest books ever written. I read Hunter S. Thompson’s semi-fictional Puerto Rican diary at least once a year, just to keep my brain ready and able to handle massive amounts of alcohol. Some great tips in there.

So the rumor is that the movie may show up at Cannes or barring that, the movie’s producer may show up at Cannes looking for someone to distribute The Rum Diary. Obviously it’ll be more likely to happen if the movie’s good, but even if it isn’t maybe you’re thinking it’ll get snatched up just because Johnny Depp is in it and Amber Heard (if this is a faithful adaptation) spends a lot of time wandering around naked in it. Not so fast. Remember Jim Carrey’s I Love You Phillip Morris in which he gets naked and spoons with Ewan McGregor? With that kind of star power you’d think distributing it would have been a no-brainer but nearly two years later and it still hasn’t been released in America, even after a 2009 debut at Sundance. When it does get released, you won’t hear about it, since it’s likely to show up in a single LA theater.

I’m going to knock back a slug of scotch and hope The Rum Diary, in spite of all the suspicious delays, is brilliant and therefore does better. Even if it sucks, I have to see it. For get Tron: Legacy, this is the movie I’m dying to see over any other. While we wait, do yourself a favor and pick up Hunter S. Thompson’s novel. Or barring that, enjoy these pictures of Johnny Depp in a hilarious small car.