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I know that technically the coroner’s report says that when he died Michael Jackson was relatively healthy but if that’s healthy, I’m ready to challenge Michael Phelps for his gold medals. We have two new clips from the upcoming documentary made about his planned concert tour This Is It, and on the surface they support the coroner’s report of good health.

Jackson is up on stage practicing his moves, singing and swaying to the beat in dim, concert lights. But look a little closer and think back to the sorts of things he used to do. I submit that what he’s doing up there isn’t so much dancing as it is a lot of walking back and forth. I mean, his voice still sounds good but he looks like scarecrow and moves as if he’s either going to float away or fall down. That's not dancing, that's walking with style.

But I’m no choreographer. Maybe all that walking back and forth is brilliant stuff. Judge for yourself by checking out both new clips from Michael Jackson’s This Is it below.