Kung Fu Panda 2 has a new, full-length trailer and this time it’s more than a staring contest. It does however, end with a contest between Po and his old enemy, stairs.

After the events of Kung Fu Panda in which the not exactly physically fit panda Po proved his Kung Fu skills he’s now living his dream as one of the Dragon Warriors. Of course there’s a new villain, from the trailer it appears to be some sort of vicious peacock, who uses his powers to destroy Kung Fu itself. That won’t do.

Check out the new trailer for Kung Fu Panda below or in HD on Apple.

If you’d never seen the original Kung Fu Panda and watched only this trailer, you might assume this franchise is nothing but loud music and a series of fart jokes. It wasn’t, and it probably still isn’t. Remember, the trailers for the first Kung Fu Panda left everyone with pretty much the same impression but, when we all showed up at the theater we got something far more complex and in its own way delicate and beautiful. If you took away all the annoying title cards pronouncing the film “freakin awesome” and replaced the played out pop music with a decent orchestral score, this trailer would feel a lot more like the Kung Fu Panda 2 we’re all hoping for. Even with all of that, as our first extended look at what the sequel’s up to, this is pretty good.

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