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Thanks to the magic of concept art, we've now seen both Thor and Captain America in their full glory. While we wait for more official images, however, (and our first look at Chris Evans actually in the suit), something else needs to be revealed to keep our brains Marvelcentric. How about some new logos?

Comic Book Movie, present at this year's Licensing International Expo in Las Vegas, was able to snag pics of logos for both of next summer's big superhero tentpoles. These kinds of images are normally just something pretty to look at, but in this case, it brings some news with it.

Up until now, the official title of Joe Johnston's half of next summer has been The First Avenger: Captain America, but that's not what these logos are telling us. Rather, apparently, the title and subtitle have been switched, and the name of the film is now Captain America: The First Avenger. The real question is: if they were willing to move it around, why not just strike "The First Avenger" part entirely? Perhaps they just want another way to label their sequels instead of just having the number 2 sitting there.

Check out the images below and click on them to see them full size over at Comic Book Movie.

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